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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hot Wheels!

Over the past few months, I have had my eyes on a new interest and that is none other than Hot Wheels! I have been selectively collecting the ones that I like most. What's the rule of collecting? Well, that is if I find one that looks cool enough right when I look at the store shelf, I pick it up. If nothing jumps out at me, then nope walk away!

Are these for kids? Yes! Are these also for collectors? Definitely Double Yes!

Let me show you my purchases in a "boxed" view!

Btw the one to the right is actually a functional bottle opener!


 Let's open them up!

 Red ones first!

Trucks last!

BTW this truck is quite nice, it claims to hold 50 Hot Wheels cars. Well, I'd say about 52 to be more accurate. Pretty Sweet!

Transformers Combiner Wars Galvatronus!

I showed you Galvatron, but did you know about Galvatronus? Galvatronus is basically Glavatron but instead of being Galvatron by himself. He's a culmination of 5 robots combining into one!

Gavatronus can be formed in many ways. You choose which 4 combiners will link to the midsection of the body like these examples:

I happen to choose the below choices to make my combiner Galvatronus!:

Dark and brooding!

Showing off!

Off to the next post!

1/144 Sengoku Astray Gundam

Heard of the Musha Gundam? Those medieval times? Well, this one's based on that.

4 handed warrior!

Front and Back view.

Lots of swords............

Porcupine spines!

Come get some!

Enjoy till the next one!

1/144 Gundam Exia Dark Matter

Exia Dark Matter, of all the kits I've built Exia is the highest in number. And now finally a Black and Red Exia.

2 swords!

Comes with a backpack which is supposed to be its power unit.

More side shots

One more!

Eagle wings?

Shelf pose

Till the next one!