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Saturday, August 27, 2016

What exciting stuff is coming next?

I'm not really up to date! But this is some of it that I've been procrastinating on before posting:

Movies & Shows -

Jack Reacher 2:



Suicide Squad:

Justice League Action - Mini Series:

Fast and Furious 8:

Justice League:

Kong - Skull Island:

Doctor Strange:


The 100:

Wonder woman:

Games - 

Injustice 2:


1/144 Gadessa

Big whoopie on this one! Why? See for yourself!

More than a little bit feminine, but it makes up for it later!

 That thing on it's back is a canon. I didn't want to make the effort and well show you it's big wang properly.

 Just glad to finally have it on my shelf instead of a box.

This is what it would look like if I actually made the effort to take a better photo. Sadly this will be the last Gundam post for this day!

Till the next one guys!

1/144 Gundam AGE 3 Darkhound

THE Darkhound, one of my most favorite kits, I had been itching to finish this guy. With motivation from some friends, I finally did it!

Gundams! Robots in Disguise!

Take what you can and give nothing back! - Pirates of the Carribean

I love this one!


The hooks become guns and Vice/Versa

When your need is greatest, bullets shall be there! Dynames mode!

I honestly can't wait to build his Pirate buddies next!


1/144 Gundam AGE 3 Fortress

Such a long time since my last post! Mostly because I haven't had the opportunity to post. Haven't lost my hobby, just that it takes a bit longer to display it now. I call this a BAZOOOKA version of the Orbital here

Letting the pictures do the talking now:

"Hey, how's everyone!"

Reminds me of Gundam Seravee. What a fatty!

Not that many poses right? I like these better hehehe

 Below pictures are not mine, but they showcase what this guy can do!

Right? Right?

Enjoy till the next post guys!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Transformers Armada Thundercracker!

Who is this guy? A Starscream that is a lot like Dinobot from Beast Wars really:

Like it walked out of the show!

Jet Mode!

Jet Mode again!

Ok Enjoy!